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Re: Actos + Amaryl

Originally Posted by Isa65 View Post
Thank you very very much for your reply as it gave me great comfort. I was extremely scared of "the needle" and wanted the doctor to give me all oral meds possible (Now I'm on Actos/Amaryl/Aspirine/Metformine)...
After your message I asked my doctor about the possibilities of insulin. She's currently on vacation and in 4 weeks we might just try insulin.
I used to be a carboholic, but the only thing I can't go without now is white bread (having quit pasta, potatoes, cakes, cookies, rice, etc).

May you get a great reward from above as you have helped me psychologically very much!
Good Isa.. Glad you asked your doc. Don't be thinking 'flu shot needle' -- long and thick.. These 'pen needle' canisters out there these days for diabetics are only 3/8" long and so think you can't even see them. The finger pricking we do to test actually stings WAAAY more than an insulin shot. You'll see. And if you get started early and get your weight down (if that's a need for you) you can often come OFF the insulin one day. I was on Actos too but it started swelling my calves (a known side effect in edema) and pushed back on my weight loss program too much. Amaryl is a med LIKE Actos -- I'm surprised you're on both. But I'm not a doctor. Ask your doc to at least let you try 'a basal insulin' like Lantus or Levemir. This is a once a day that works on your fasting numbers only. I use both a basal AND a fasting acting insulin like Novalog or Humalog which I take with meals. It give me a little more freedom of choice as to what carbs I eat. You obviously can't go NUTS using insulin to cover for anything you want to eat - because it 'makes your system' work again -- and IF you don't use the carbs you eat - immediately -- they get stored on your belly as fat -and insulin makes that process EVEN MORE efficient. So the sugar leaves your blood, alright, but it either goes into your muscles for energy or right on your waistline. So there are no 'simply answers' but in the end it IS all about getting those numbers under control. Constant out of control numbers are what lead to diabetic complications.. Being overweigth isn't good -- but it doesn't have the same potential complications as leaving your blood glucose too high for too many years. So explore insulin with your doc. You'll likely be able to come off the Actos and Amaryl if you go on insulin. But your doc will guide you. Metformine didn't agree with me digestively so I had to stop it too. I just use a little insulin and watch my carb intake.

Try to change to 'at least' soft wheat bread.. White bread is no different that eating a candy bar - truly.. But good job on getting rid of other things. At least take your sandwiches 'open faced' -- one slice.. not two...

Keep us posted..
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