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March 2012 Mommies

Thought I'd start a new thread for those of us due in March 2012 .

I'm 34 and am due for my 8th child March 9, 2012!

Things seem to be going great so far I got a BFP only 9dpo! I'm 5wks+2d and just started having breast tenderness, fatigue, and frequent trips to the potty. No nausea yet but I don't always get ms (thankfully, I've only had it with 3 of my babies).

Overall I'm feeling okay...just really really tired in the evenings.

I haven't announced my pg yet (dh is the only one who knows so far). I waited until 15wks with my last baby and would like to wait as long as possible this time too. It was fun announcing early with my first few pgs but now I enjoy having a "secret"...yet I can't stand keeping it to myself so I'm "announcing" it here !

Hope you're all well! Can't wait to hear from you!!

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