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Re: Ideal drug holiday frequency/duration?


Sorry about the double post. Musta hit the post key my mistake.

I want to give you additional info that may help you. ADHD can be a beast that is difficult to control.

I am going to be painfully blunt with you. Please understand my intentions are to help. And I fully appreciate it is your responsibility to either accept of reject what I have to say. The following is based on my unique experience.

You said you "love my psychiatrist, but when I've asked her, she speaks only in generalities and anecdotes that seem to indicate that even she's not really sure."

Dude, I am a guy. Hot babes mesmerize me too. Let's get real. You may love your shrink, but your shrink sucks at shrinking. If my shrink ever spoke in generalities and anecdotes, I'd ask up front, "Dude, (or "Girl") why the hell should I pay you 5 bucks/hour? -- slang for either $500/hr or $5,000/hr depending on context.

No one gets that kind of money out of me that "ain't sure."

Your shrink evidentaly does NOT understand the many variables that influence ADHD symptoms, thus must speak in "generalities and anecdotes."

A competent, highly qualified, doctor of psychiatry will work with you to progressively narrow down the diagnostic cross hairs. Eventualy the doctor has the cross hairs on the parasitic beast's heart. Bam. Beast is dead. Its host is freed. The host is your freaking brain.

Why the hell do you have to come to this board to get "specific or authoritative" info? Kinda, sorta, seems to me, your freaking hot shrink, should be kinda, sorta, your specific AND authoritative source of medical counsel.

Indeed, you should be and very much need to be on this board. Thunor, me and everyone else understands what you are going through.

For example, I've been accused of being irresponsible, inconsiderate, funny lots of times, obnoxious other times, tactless, brillant one day, an AH the next, and per Dr. Hallowell "in the Penthouse today, the Outhouse tommorow."

Wanna know what? Everything I've been accused of is TRUE. No one other than those on this board can understand that I have tried my damnest NOT be what I am - that is - was.

Voodoo, religion, convictions or lack thereof are or no value when dealing with a medical problem.
We need a freaking doctor, not a priest.

Do not get wrong, I am a "religious" person. I am convinced we are the product of intelligent design. Cool. For whatever reason, my brain is out of "specs." The solution is someone that can bring my head back into specs. Such specialists are called doctors of psychiatry.

The problem: Psychiatry as a science is in its early stages of infancy. Freud was JO. So were most of the bozos that followed up to about 1980. The science of psychiatry is now making quantum leaps as we speak. I'm blown away by many of the recent break through studies shedding light on the biology of ADHD and other mental disorders. One such study implicated for the first tiem some of the ADHD genetic markers. That study was published in Sept. 2010.

Sept. 2010 is less than ONE year ago. My shrink knows about that study's results. Does yours? My shrink is on an ADHD genetic research at another university. Is yours?

Is my shrink infallible? Hell no. Good thing. He recognizes the complexities of mental illness and his own limitations, and unique patient needs.

Does he dogmatically prescribe "holidays?" NO. Depends on the patient.

Does he dogmatically set an upper limit to stimulant meds? NO. Depends on the patient.

My pdoc revealed something to me that may be of value to you. He may prescribe a high stimulant dose to "jump start" a stalled ADHD brain. Shortly thereafter, he reduces the dose to where the patient must stuggle to control their ADHD symptoms.

We MUST learn how to control our ADHD symptoms. As is true with weight training, "no pain, no gain."

Fire your hot shrink and find a babe that is a doctor of psychiatry. Get help to learn how to manage your ADHD symptoms. Stimulants temporarily pull the biology into specs. Stimutlants SUCK as teachers. ADHD coaches SUCK at ADHD biology but RULE as teachers.

Get one - an ADHD coach. Speed + ADHD coaching + time = dead ADHD beast, freed brain. Let's translate: A much happier, more productive life, with more good days, weeks and years on the balance sheet than those that painfully suck.

Yes, suck days, weeks, and periods continue to be a part of life. No one gets away suckless.

I love having my fair share of suckless life. Damn ADHD can and often does deprive many of their fair share.