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Re: 18 mo, leukemia?

it is good that you are worried and care. i think the best anyone can do in this situation is seek medical help. if your or your sister doubt the doctors decision etc then demand a second oppion so that your mind will be at ease. it is harder when they are young as they can not tell you what is wrong, so it falls on us as parents.
ill be honest... i had leukemia when i was 3/4years old, my mum was called a hypocondract ( or however its spelt lol), but she insisted a second oppion, and finaly i was diagnosed. I don't think that is what your nephew has but you should both be strong and satisfied with your doctors and if you are not...tell them, be strong. I know a few young children as i work in a nursery, that sufffer nose bleeds a lot and any knock to the head, even small can set it off agian, but since he has a fever, it could be unrealted or realated. if the fever goes awa, and the noes bleeds continue i would say that it is probley just a children prone to noes bleeds. i wish you all the best and please try not to worrie, i hope i haven't caused panic, it could be viral as the doctor has said. Good luck to you and your sister and nephew X