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My adopted daughter's bio mom is trying to contact my daughter without me knowing.

i have an adopted daughter, her bio mom has contacted her on ********. she has contacted me as well. she wants to send my daughter presents, gifts, and packages. i asked her politely, but firmly to stop trying to contact my daughter. and that i will send any packages back that are mailed. she has lied, stating that she mailed letters and packages that were sent back to her. we never received anything. she said she tried calling, and texting me and i never responded. i never received one call from her. i believe she is trying to put a barrier between me and my daughter. my daughter is 15, and is so confused about her bio mom. we adopted her 15 years ago. the bio mom told me that i don't know what's best for my daughter and that them meeting would be in my daughter's best interest, my daughter has had many problems growing up. she came to us, and would grunt and hide under tables (from fear) as she grew, she began to steal, lie, and manipulate people. she has gotten aggresive at times as well. she is such a confused adolescent girl. she is seeing a therapist, so i am sure that will help. but, my issue remains with the bio mom. does anyone out there have any advice that they could share please.

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