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Re: I could use some constructive feedback

What I was told by my orthotist, from whom I have found out much more information than from any orthopedist, that when we hit 40, we start losing muscle mass. People who have had polio, don't have that many muscles to lose as the normal population. Therefore, it makes more of an impact. With that in mind, since you didn't wear a brace for most of your adult life and got along fine, it might be time to think of one. They have all kind of trick ones now compared to what they had even ten years ago. That is one thing positive that has come out of the recent wars. During the Viet Nam war, they had land mines. They would blow off soldiers legs and other lower body parts that they hold most dear. Now, they have these cute mines that fly up in the air and cause brain damage. Consequently, they made great strides in prostheses during the Viet Nam war. Now, they are making great strides in orthotics. If you want to check them out before you take the plunge, get your hands on a copy of O & P magazine. They will send them to you for free. I think they are also online. Check out that major brace manufacturers. You would probably do fine with a plastic one that goes inside your shoe. It would help the muscles you have get no so fatigued. Resting is good but don't rest too much or you will start that downward spiral. Do you like to swim? Probably not, but do it anyway.