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Re: Ideal drug holiday frequency/duration?

Ah!!! Now I feel like a moron for not mentioning that up front, assuming that it works the same way regardless of what you take it for. Lesson learned.

That makes sense, Bob. I remember learning about the whole upregulation and downregulation phenomenon awhile back with regard to how sugar can affect neurotransmitters (which also is a major challenge for me) so it makes sense that this would be no less true of stimulants. Indeed, going off the dextroamphetamine for a week will be hell (just the few days at a time I've done keeps me in bed most of the time), but if it results in months of better functioning, it'll be worth it.

I've actually never taken Adderall, thisguy86, though my niece is taking it. After the SSRIs weren't getting me out of my funk, my babe—er, psychiatrist tried the dextro and, when that started helping, kept upping the dose, replacing half of it with the Vyvanse/lisdexamphetamine which is just a "forced" extended-release version of dextroamphetamine that I really like (and it's less risk of abuse which gives her more confidence). So, from what I've read elsewhere, I'm already on the strongest stimulant, since the other components of Adderall, as I understand it, aren't quite as strong as the dextroamphetamine (though they apparently work on different time scales too for a smoothing effect).

There's no question that, even with the tolerance effects, it's been a great benefit to me. I'm still so much more highly functioning now than before the dextro that I'm essentially a new person. SmallTownDreamr 2.0, if you will...