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Re: i am 19 with hpv high risk

No worries, Sanchez (I know easier said than done). A friend of mine contracted cervical HPV when she was 17 and underwent a cone biopsy. That was about seven years ago. Her paps have been regular ever since. It is probably tough to believe at the present time, but you have a 90% chance of recovering within the next two years as long as you keep up your nutrition and keep your stressors to a minimum. Also, if you smoke, it may be time to quit. Kali's got it down... the information provided is reinforced by the CDC.

Also there is no need to be upset with yourself...after all someone gave it to you. That person may or may not have known, but the bottom line is that STDs happen. HPV is second only to Trichomoniasis in terms of its infectious potential and is just as common. Chin up, my friend. You are very young which means your cells are still reproducing rapidly and your immune system is hearty. Monitor your nutrition closely and cut out all of those people in your life that cause you stress... it is time to take care of yourself so you can overcome this condition sooner rather than later.