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Re: Ideal drug holiday frequency/duration?


I'll take the cake - I am more nuts than you. I let you in on a little secret. Humor is a powerful antidepressant. Mental illness whether it be depression, ADHD, anxiety disorders, or the more devastating forms such as bipolor, autism, schizophrenia and the slew of disorders associated with psychosis PAINFULLY SUCK.

I have a couple of friends that WERE crazier than me. One has been diagnosed with bipolor with psychotic features. The girl burned her house down. Her mind saw the fire she started as a portal into another dimension. Whacked? You betcha. She had the hospital staff call me. Why call me? I guess she sensed I'm whacked too.

The other friend suffered with depression for years. His depression was similar to your dysthymia in its persistence over many years. None of the antidepressants including the older tricyclics and even older MAOIs helped. I should note that the "older" antidepressants often work when SSRI's fail. Their nasty, potentially life threatening side-effects drove researchers to find safer antidepressants. They are, however, not more effective.

My second friend finally got his brain zapped. Gads. No one is going to zap dead my brain cells. Hell no. Hell yes. My buddy's life has been transformed from the zap jobs. Cuz why? The "juice" burns out the buggy circuits. Our brains have multiple backups for every function. The good circuits take over. I'd never believe it if I hadn't seen it. My buddy is a new person. He ain't depressed no more. He can fully function now as if he had never had a freaked up brain.

Using speed as an antidepressant is problematic. Ask your intelligent babe-er shrink about your options. You need not ask about "zap jobs" at this point. Some shrinks aren't shrinks no more. They are doctors of psychiatry - specialist MD's. Your "babe" actually sounds to me like a psychiatrist.

Cyber-analysis and recommendations are dangerous business. I really am a totally, woefully, incompetent source of medical advice. If you listen to my medication recommendations you will end up dead.

Talk to your babe. Try to find a better solution than speed. I don't know what it is, I do believe a better solution exists. The shrinks that have moved up the ladder to medical doctors of psychiatry is the rock my belief rests on.