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Re: What is still always the same.

Deb...yes, your comment on LOGIC is what I was referring to.

And how did that outing go today... I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and ate plenty of good stuff. I took my granddaughters out for ice cream and they had to choose two candies to put on top of their sundae. It took quite a bit of eyeball spinning for them to come to a conclusion.

I went up to mom's this morning to check on her and her fever was gone. The weekend nurse was there..a man I really like! He said he was checking her hourly for the fever.

She was sitting up in her wheel chair, asleep, as usual, when I got there but she was smiling...even in her sleep! Sweet.

THe hospice nurse who showed up last night to check on mom called me today to tell me that he saw her last night and that she was sleeping peacefully. He prescribed ibuprofin to be given to her as needed every 6 hours if she was running a fever of anything over 100.6. He asked me how she was today and if she was awake. I told him she seemed fine though still sleeping. He asked me the last time I saw her awake. It was Tuesday. ( He sighed)
Though the aids say she is awake a bit from time to time with them. Just not much.

I have discovered something this week. I took my granddaughters to the beach and I sat on the sand watching them and when the time came to get up...I couldn't. My leg muscles have turned to mush. I had no strength!!
I suppose over the years of dealing with this disease I have forgotten my body. I had to get up on all fours and push like crazy to stand. Good grief!
Not to mention I have gained 15 pounds and can't get into my clothes.
I don't seem to be able to put together very many days of good eating habits before I attack something with carbs and sugar, which are not my friends!

I have to keep trying.

Love, Meg

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