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Help from anybody please

Hi there,

After my high risk exposure i hade all symptoms of ARS including fever, night sweating etc besides rash exactly 14 days after risk. After five months I realized that I had white tongue. I went testing immediately end elisa test came back as negative for HIV also bwr test for lues was negative also. My doc gave me two tablets of diflucan and my tongue is still white. I started to spend my whole time searching Internet where are a lot of sites stating 6 months mark so after six months I went to test again just to make sure. Test came back negative for HIV and test for liver enzymes was fine (to exclude possible hcv coninfection). But I had confirmed oral yest and got new tablets just today and also I have swollen nodes in my neck ( not in my groin, doc checked that and said it is more conclusive).
I was healthy for a long time I even had not visited doc in last 10 years by now I have already visited three docs. I am not aware of autoimmune disease , I am not drug user.

The test were 4th gen ELISA antibody plus antigen negative at 5 and 6 moths I am so depressed that I even used different laboratories just to exclude clerical or lab mistake.

My question is shall I continue testing?
Do you know some healthly person who tested positive later than six months using latest test technology?
I am very scared and I am almost sure that I will fall in very rare cases group
Thank you very much


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