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Red face CT showed tumor, very anxious

Hello all. About 6 weeks ago, I lost my senses of taste and smell, started running a fever, and developed a nasty taste in my mouth. Docs thought it was sinus infection, treated, and no better. Referred to ENT, no ideas, but he ordered a CT of my sinuses. Sinuses are fine, but CT showed a 1.6 cm X 2.1 cm mass on/in my right frontal lobe. I'm stunned. Saw a neurosurgeon who ordered a couple of MRIs (to be done tomorrow), and I should get the results on the 25th when I go back. Needless to say, I'm in a state of panic at all times.

The Neurosurgeon did say that it might be a meningioma. I'm hoping, that since he mentioned that, that he's feeling pretty sure that's what it is. Did I mention that I'm in panic mode? He said meningiomas can be treated with surgery, several forms of radiation, or just wait and watch. I can't imagine that I could just wait and do nothing, knowing that there's a tumor growing inside my skull. This doc also said that the loss of taste/smell and fever are unrelated to the tumor. Eight docs have not been able to find any other reason. Do you think it's really possible that the two are unrelated? I know the olfactory nerve isn't located anywhere near the frontal lobe, but really? There are two things wrong with me?

I'm wondering if anyone else had fever and/or loss of taste and/or smell with their tumor, and how things turned out. I'd also like to hear from anyone who's had either a craniotomy and/or radiation. Any responses appreciated. My anxiety level is sky high. Also, in terms of size, is 1.6cmX2.1cm considered large or small for a brain tumor? I know about what size that is, just not how it compares to other brain tumors, if that makes any sense. Thanks in advance. I'm off to pace, wring my hands, and cry a little more. This is awful.

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