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Re: Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia

Oh, and do yourself a favour. Pls print out the ILADS guidlines on Lymes Disease and take them along with you for every doctor's appointmet, even the integrative medicine one. These guys have rarely heard of Lymes, believe that it is not there and you cannot expect them to know a great deal about it. So, I am afraid you will have a lot of educational work to do on them. And when you go to see a doctor, don't leave any question marks or doubts open. Just tell him:"I have chronic lymes and I am here to get my thyroid testet (all paramenters pls) as well as my adrenal function." Don't let them decide what to do for you, this will rarely work well over there and you will end up with 20 different appointments before you have one set of blood panel done the way you want it. What would also be good to find out, is if you can instruct a lab directly, without going via a doctor. Here in Germany, if things are going too slowly for me or the doc does't want to do as I would like, I call up the lab directly and order the tests I want, so am not waisting my time convincing doctors of what is required. Works well.