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Re: Vestibular Migraine

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Vestibular Migraines after months of testing as well. I went through vestibular rehab and every test available then was referred to a doctor that specializes in vestibular disorders. He diagnosed me immediately after hearing my symptoms which are most of the classic ones you read about online. My neurologist pretty much gave up on me and tried to convince me it was anxiety and depression. Right! Just out of nowhere I am anxious and depressed for no reason. Anyway, after giving me Lexapro with no results he decided to try an old medication that he said used to be for depression but is now used for other neurological symptoms called Nortriptyline. I was having episodes lasting several days where I had to stay in bed and very still to avoid getting very sick. After being on the Nortriptyline for a couple of months the episodes deminished to very tolerable where I was able to go to work. I still get symptoms but nothing like before. Mine come in monthly cycles. After taking this medication for 2 years I was wondering if I was just getting better on my own and decided to go off of the medication. In less than 2 months I had another bad vestibular migraine landing me in bed again. Obviously I went right back on the medication. I still have some attacks that are worse than others but not often. I had a bad one yesterday that I think was triggered by extra stress but it is much better today.
Most people have never even heard of this diagnosis and some don't believe it is real, like my previous primary care doctor. It is frustrating trying to describe it to people. When they hear the word migraine they think I have a headache. I have learned to just get through it without telling anyone about it.