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First time to this part of Healthboards...

I usually frequent the thyroid board, but now have a depression problem so was hoping someone here might have some advice to share with me. I'll try to explain as thoroughly as possible.

Due to years and years of improper treatment for my thyroid, I checked the Top Docs list here in MN and found a new MD/NA to see. Here's the way it went after I set up my first appt with him:

5/5 Ė Metal filled (mercury) capped tooth pulled after 7 days on Amoxicillin for infection in my gums.

5/10 Ė Saw new MD/NA. Started Cytomel to help my thyroid improve it's conversion of stored hormone to useable hormone. On the 4th day of taking Cytomel, my ears started buzzing and havenít quit. I stopped Cytomel after 6 days due to paranoia, hyperactivity.

Stopped all supplements shortly after this for 10 days in order to get accurate results for my blood tests that were ordered by my new MD. (this included B12 and D3) On the 7th day of no supplements, I started to feel a cloud come over my brain and it just gradually got worse. I have been experiencing depression on and off ever since. More on than off. Started the supplements back up on the 11th day and the depression is getting less severe. I have never had depression like this before. It comes and goes so fast. One minute I feel kind of okay and then in a little bit I feel like Iím in a black pit and donít care about anything. I donít even want my dogs to be near me. Itís not as bad now as it was a few days ago. Can this perhaps be caused by either the metal filled and capped tooth that was pulled, the Cytomel, the supplement halt or a combination of all 3?

I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life and it baffles me that it came on so fast and comes and goes. I'm starting to plateau, but don't feel near normal yet. I used to be happy-go-lucky all the time and aside from poor sleep patterns, I have a very happy and stable life. I hope someone has some words of wisdom for me!

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