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Re: Low blood pressure with high cortisol?

My daughter is a nineteen year-old very healthy fit girl. She is a college soccer player and has been experiencing many of the symptoms that you are having. We have gone through all the cardiac diagnostic testing (even the tilt table test) and she passed with flying colors. We have been seeing the endocrinologist and so far everything is good except that her cortisol levels are elevated. We are in the process of a 24 hr urine test with her to rule out cushings. She too is slender and does not have a weight problem. Unfortunately she tore her ACL about two weeks ago and is no longer working out so her episodes have not been as bad. We have an appointment with the nephrologist August 11th. I would like him to do a CAT scan of her adrenal glands to make sure there is nothing growing on them. Through my research (I am a teacher, not in the medical field so take from where it is coming from), I have found all of her symptoms keep leading me back to the adrenals. I would love to hear how you made out with your doctors.