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Re: the possibilities of..

From research I have done and doctors I have talked to it is fairly rare to pass HIV female to male on one encounter if she is positive. It is passed easier to women from men. The most conclusive stats I seen are about 1 in 400 chance. But like everyone else has said if there was a risk there is always a chance. First of the likehood of the person even being infected is increadibly low. I have been in your position of worry...and you start to assume that the person you had unprotected sex with has HIV. I put myself through a scare 6 yrs ago and after testing negative vowed to never put myself through that stress again. Well receantly on vacation from military I went got wild and picked a young college girl from a bar and had unprotected sex with her. Thing was she said she was on coke...which scares me about other potential drugs that use needles. It was increadibly stupid and why for the most part I have stoped drinking...I gave myself a free pass on this vacation. Well I wish you the best and to put your mind at ease I would so the possibility is very low but still possible. Get tested and good luck!

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