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Re: Bilateral hypofunction

Originally Posted by manybikes View Post
Yes, it does get better. The oscillopsia does subside as your brain learns to compensate. You will have periods of great improvement and periods of relapse.
Not fun but you have to continually push yourself in order to improve.

thank you,

do you ever have trouble in crowds or stores or does that get better as well. from your experience how long did it take for you to feel somewhat normal and able to make it through the day. does the fatigue ever go away. i know the brain is working overtime to keep me upright. i have often wondered what is better no function or bad function which gives you vertigo.

many bikes: i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. i would like to know more about your experiences and how long it took to overcome them. Do you still have trouble or do you pretty much lead a normal life at this point. How long have you been without function and what was the recovery like. i so want my life back.
everything is much appreciated.