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Re: revision surgery to remove gastric band and convert to by pass

thank you Deb,i'm encouraged by your reply,i am hopeful i will have the procedure done in the near future. unfortunately i complicated the issue when i first had it done. living here in the boston area we have a lot of choices for care. i get my health care at boston's premier hospital;when i decided to explore gastric surgery, the waiting was ten months for a consult. i was impatient so i went west to another hospital where i used to go for care and the gastric surgery dept there is run with precision and the wait for consult and then surgery was only a matter of a few months. back at my boston hospital where i prefer to be and prefer to have the revision surgery they tell me that i must first go to the original surgeon as other surgeons do not want to intervene in another surgeons work if the patient is still within the area of the first surgeon,ethics i guess.
my dilemma is that i can't seem to get to the surgeon and when i last had an appointment i still couldn't and instead had to deal with an assistant which this place now seems to rely on for patient contact. i am now using this inability to make contact as a reason to seek treatment at my preferred Massachusetts Hospital in General,if you get my primary care md. there is trying to facilitate this for me. you see how complicated i have it.

i'm happy to hear that you have had success even with a side issue that developed. it shows that the procedure can be performed with relative ease even with more complex cases. i did watch a video of it on web surg. which got me going on this matter. i hope to report back that i was as successful as were you. your band problems sounded terrible, mine didn't reach that level but i could not tolerate any dense food or same problems, unfortunately ice cream was so easy to get through. lesson learned. thanks again.