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Re: Bilateral hypofunction


thanks a million, your story is inspiring to know there is hope. i just want to be able to sail, flyfish and enjoy my water sports like you do.

after all these years, has your brain fog, mild confusion ect.......improved. I have been told once the brain realizes it can no longer count on the ears for balance, it will eventually clear up.

Is there anything you used to be able to do that you cannot do now. i know there will be limitations with things in the dark and uneven surfaces but all in all how do you function with 100% being a normal person. My dr. told me i would eventually get to around 80-90% normal with limitations in the dark and uneven surfaces?

After all these years do you still get the oscillopsia or has your brain compensated and now it does not even realize you have it. I have been told it will be a non issue as the months and years pass by, i will still have it, but the brain ignores it so to speak.....

I think my biggest problem is patience, i want it all to be ok in a few months and now realize it will take years.

When you were first diagnosed how long before you could drive confidently, could you lift things without falling over, how was reading ect......

You are very much appreciated, i want to thank you for responding and taking time out of your busy day to offer support and encouragement.

If i can get back to 90% over time i will be happy, i just want to fly fish again and go for a sail one day. Do you swim? My dr. told me to do anything i want, but be careful, just no scuba diving or underwater swimming, i now wear a lifejacket when in the lake just as precaution.