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Re: ATT: Fentanyl/Dilaudid/Oxy users... please help w/?'s!

I was on the Fentanyl patches for a little while. I found that switching the patches every 2 days instead of every 3 days worked great. I along with many others find that on the 3rd day the patches are pretty much used up, Now I know that they are labelled to be used every 3 days but like many other pain meds including Oxycontin which is labeled by the drug company that owns it to last 12 hrs, which is twice a day dosing. Most doctors will start with what the guide lines indicate and if that does not work, they are able to change the frequentcy at which they are dosed at. Alot of people I talk to find that certain drugs including the Fentanyl patches are better dosed at changing the patch every 2 days intead of the 3. Now tinkering with the dose is different story all together, but if you do find that the patch is not working as good by the 3rd day talk to your doctor because it is quite common to dose like this. You will need to be prescribed more patches per month, so it will cost a little more, but it is definetely worth it and you should have no problem with your doctor prescribing it, because again it is very common especially with the Fentanyl patches.