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Re: Torn calf muscle (Gastrocnemius) not healing poperly?

Originally Posted by 52ken View Post
If there wasn't any pain then your injury is different than mine. It doesn't seem as severe but you need to be careful.
52 Ken,

yea I looked for hours for any picture that I could even associate to my injury. I agree your injury seems more severe, but the nature of the injury or resulting variance in muscular tissue seems similar, but to different degrees.

I have been experimenting with traditional medical tape and a product called KT tape. This seems to make me more comfortable when doing activities. Probably psychological, but what I do is apply the KT tape to my calf the way the instructions say to tape the calf. I end up using 3 bands. It sort of pulls the muscle closer to the proper shape. Then I apply the medical tape around my leg to apply pressure on the spot that is swollen or herniated to hold it in place and prevent further injury. Not sure if that would help you also, but I think I'm like you in that I'll do just about anything legal to stay in the game and live an active life. I also wear compression sleeves on both my calves during workouts, and do wear compression socks around the house when I'm not going anywhere cause it looks a little silly, but makes my lower legs feel much better.