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How to lessen pain from costochondritis when working overnight?

My new family doctor believes that I may have costochondritis. I'm undergoing a few different tests to rule out other problems, but so far every single one of my symptoms do match up with costrochondritis so, even though there isn't a firm diagnosis, it's an incredibly strong possibility. Anyway...

I work as a security guard and have recently had to take on a few overnight shifts each week until we get someone new fully trained to take over the vacant night shift slot. Now, I've been made aware that costrochondritis can flare up late at night and such because we move around so much throughout the day and such. It has certainly been giving me issues with hurting overnight, and I am taking Motrin (400mg ibuprofen capsules every four hours as advised by the package) when I am working, but they don't seem to work as much as I'd like.

So, I was wondering, does anyone know of any fairly effective way to make the pain from costochondritis a little more bearable overnight? The three remaining overnight shifts that I have to work are 8:00 PM until 8:00 AM. The first two are Thursday and Friday (brutal since my body doesn't have time to recover fully before I go back in for the Friday shift) and the last one will be Monday night (not too bad because I'll feel better by Monday night but it will still act up during the shift).

Is there anything I can do besides the 400mg tablets of ibuprofen that would ease the pain or make it easier to ignore? I'd love to hear from other costochondritis sufferers who have tips as I'm pretty new to this problem. Would any kinds of tea help? Would taking a little bit more Motrin be okay for me to do? Should I rest as much as I can and get up as close to 8:00 PM as I can, or... ?

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