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out of control hair!

Hi everyone,
I have naturally thin hair. It used to be very straight...somewhere over the past few years, I started to get split ends like crazy. I've always had a degree of split ends, but now its just so much. There was a point where I didn't cut my hair for about 3 years, and I used to put it in a messy bun a lot.I didn't take good care of it for a couple of years....

I recently cut it a couple of months ago, but not too much shorter then it was, and put in layers. I was hoping it make it healthier does look healier, but it's still out of control. I have flyaways that go all the way up to my scalp. I wash my hair about twice a week and never blow dry and rarely ever use a flat or curling iron.

The inside part of my hair has started to become curly. It kinks and angles out in weird directions. There are parts of my hair that have perfect ringlets on the inside. The inside part is darker and looks unhealthy. The outer part of my hair is straight and looks nice and healthy. This makes my hair look constantly unbrushed. I can brush it and in an hour it looks messy again.

I started using a shaping cream to try to curl my hair, but the straight parts wont stick. I tried to use coconut oil to sooth out the curly parts, but that doesn't look so great either. I just want nice smooth shiny healthy looking hair. I have a good diet...I don't know what is wrong.

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