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Sjogrens Syndrome Diagnosis and Symptoms

Hi I have been chasing a diagnosis for 5 years, enlarged spleen slightly, slightly aneamic, I had no symptoms, of anything, have had sore eyes for years, they did a bone marrow biopsy, liver biopsy, gastrophy, colonoscopy, cat san with dye, chest xrays, feet and hand xrays, abdomen ultrasound and liver and spleen. Found nothing! Then my son started having trouble with aches and pains he is 30. He had high teters for lupus and rh factor, and they say he has fibromyalgia. So I suggested to doc that may be mine was autoimmune problem, sent me for a few different blood test. nothing . I already have Hashimotos. & since found out I have Gilberts syndrome and have suffered from depression for 15 years on and off. So I went to sons doctor, rhumatologist and he sent me for all these other blood tests. It came back positive for sjogrens. But I only have the eye and maybe skin dryness, thinning hair for few years, put down to menopause. Then he told me that people with sjogrens had a 44% higher chance of developing lymphoma, what a shock! Any way my question to people with the problem, is can you have it with a positive, test but with only a few dry problems. I have lots of trouble getting to sleep and have restless legs, is this something that goes with the syndrome, I take nexium for the heartburn, which has fixed it if I take them every day, this is a symptom I was reading. I would be interested in what other people have had with sjogrens, hashimotos, and symptoms, i am really well most of the time and go to the gym and work. I am a bit confused now, as I am very well amost of the time. Thankyou all angel:

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