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Re: Bilateral hypofunction


I have heard that about meniere's patients, vertigo for hours if not days. I hear they often just kill their ears to stop the vertigo and just go without vestibular function


did you ever use walking assistance the first year or so, like a walking stick, cane, wheelchair?

I am hoping the oscillopsia settles in the comming months. How long before your fatigue lifted so you could make it through the day.

My dr told me that having no function is better thn bad function, if you have bad function/uneven function than the vertigo comes and that can be worse.

It sounds that after about 3-5 years I should relatively normal, was that your experience?thanks manybikes!!!

Do you see anyproblems bein ale to sail again one day?

Manybikes: do you still have the lightheadedness, concentration lapses or disorienttion feeling anymore?

Following fast moving objects is troublesome, does that improve as well?

Thanks my friend!!!!