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dizziness, blacking out without losing consciousness, and more.

So, in an order of longest time period to shortest, here's the symptoms that have been coming up in the past two months (with onset of each one. Keep in mind that all of these symptoms are just added on to one another)

- Hair loss: 2 months
- Dizziness: 2 months
-Blacking out w/o losing consciousness: 1 1/2 months
- Diarrhea: 2 weeks
- Severe lower rt abdominal pain: 2 weeks
- Random loss of feeling in hands, feet, arms, legs, and face (1 week)

I was in the hospital to get tested for appendicitus a few weeks back and they did a bunch of bloodwork. I have normal WBC, thyroid levels, my glucose, protein, iron, etc are all normal, I got a CT and ultrasound of my entire abdomen, and they found nothing wrong at the hospital. The buildup of symptoms are really starting to scare me.

I don't know if this could help in figuring out what this is, but I am a 16 yr old female, 5'6" and 120 lbs.

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