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Re: Bad ex boyf

Hi, sorry it's taken a while to reply but thankyou for your kind words.
It's lovely to be able to finally feel like I can talk about this, I'm deffinatly going to ask my doctor about some talking therapy :-)

I have some very close and trusted friends but I don't even feel like I could tell them, for fear of not being believed.
He is friends with alot of the other people I hang around with and he's very good at talking his way out of things and very very good at making me sound awful (he still does it when I happen to be at the same social gathering ..), like he randomly for no reason just came out with some very personal information that everyone there heard and made me look like the bad guy even though I hadn't done anything (I had a termination a year into our relationship that he made me get pretty much against my will .. But in hindsight it was for the best).

I do try to avoid him when I can but he lives with one of my best friends and it appears if anything social is goin on it happens there, I'm trying my hardest to go out and see my friends but being around him makes me uneasy and panicked. So, I avoid going out these days.

I just, feel so alone (even tho I have my lovely boyfriend, he just can't ever understand what Im goin through and we do talk bout it but I know it upsets him, understandably). I've only heard about this sort of thing happening on tv or read it in the papers and I know I'm lucky to have broken the cycle of bad guys and to have gotten out with what I have, but I don't feel it 99% of the time.

Why do I have to live like this whilst he gets to carry on like nothing happened?? :-(

Thankyou again for your kind words, I can't tell u how much it means to me :-)