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Re: Undiagnosed auto-immune

An ANA of 1:40 should be negative, maybe some labs vary, for my labs, that would not be considered a positive result. You can have it rechecked a couple of times, best to do when you feel like your having a flare, if it continues to stay that low, then it's likely nothing to worry about.

However, you have stated many problems that could be consistent with an autoimmune disorder. Your also stating problems that sound consistent with diabetes? Have you had your sugar level tested?

ANAs are negative in 5% of people with lupus. In these patients, frequently, there are other antibody markers of lupus present, such as cardiolipin antibody, anti-smith antibody, DNA antibodies, SS-A and SS-B antibodies. You really should have these checked even if the absense of a high ANA.

ESR, may not be high in the case of Lupus. Many people with Lupus have normal inflammatory markers. You can have your C3 and C4 compliment levels looked at instead, that may show something if it is lupus.

But.. there are many other types of autoimmune disorders that could cause your problems. Is your thyroid issues Hashimito's? The thyroid disease itself can bring on alot of symptoms, especially fatigue, weight changes, hair loss, skin changes, menstrual irregularities, fertility problems, joint and muscle pains, bowel problems, depression, anxiety. One disease can mimic another. You may feel like this is a connective tissue disorder when it may just be your thyroid issues.

I'm sorry that your having so many problems and that you don't feel like your getting the appropriate answers from your doctors. Being that sick, and not feeling like your getting a straightforward answer, I've been going through that for along time. I know it's frustrating. If they were helping you feel better, it might not be so aggrivating. What is your current treatment right now, with medications?

Maybe you should discuss with your physician a treatment plan to prevent you from developing chronic infections, that can really take a havoc on your immune system and it can keep you sick even without the presence of an autoimmune disorder, maybe they should start checking your blood cell counts when you do get sick, maybe it's a weakened immune problem??