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Angry 15 years !!

I'm afraid this is going to be a long one..

I have suffered from headaches for the past 15 years. They have got worse as the years have gone on. I have recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cluster along with a form of migraine. Both of which they are trying assess. I have now been put on propanalol and 2 pain relief meds. I can not even explain the pain they cause. I am completley incoherant and look like i have had a stroke when i get them.

Since Feb (before this medication) I started with clammy sweats. These were gaurenteed everymorning whilst getting ready for work and all night. During the night I find my feet are extremely hot. PS I sleep with nothing on, so no there are no socks involved. These sweats have got worse and come on and off all day, even when just sitting.

2months ago i developed a rash on my feet and was sent to hospital for blood test with regards to my liver/kidney. The only thing that showed was an enzyme slightly raised. I was discharged with no action. I have since stopped the propanalol as i was advise this may have caused this.

Last week I had a severe headache and the sweats got that bad and i collapsed at work, abulance called etc. my blood pressure was described as very low, they said becasue i had been sat down for a while befire they got there it was probably a lot lower.

I was taken to hospital and again no action taken ?? The only other problem I have is a very swollen heavy abdomen.

Can somebody advise as i have lost all confidence is doctors etc

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