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Trigeminal educate me about it

6 weeks ago, I was attacked by my husband. He slammed the left side of my head and face into the front door of our home. The louder I screamed and cried, the harder he continued slamming my head into the door.

Immediately post the assault, I had pain and pressure in my head. I had slight bruising on the left side of my face. Within a week, the pain had not gone away and it felt like intense pressure along side my face and in my hairline above my ear all down my jaw.

After 3 weeks had gone by, my dr ordered a ct scan to see if a fracture or concossion was causing the problem. The CT scan showed no breaks , etc.(luckily ). She asked me to describe the pain and I told her that I feel electric shocks in my jaw along the left side of my face that radiates from the back of my lower jaw all along to my left eye tooth. My lips and chin (usually just my bottom lip) goes numb throughout the day. It feels as if I've been given a shot of novacaine. There are times that I bring a cup to my mouth and I think that it's at my lip but the drink spills down my shirt and I realize the numbness in my lips interferred. I have really intense pressure in my ear and am completely unable to chew on my left side as the shocks become far too intense!

She prescribed me tramadol for the pain but it makes me goofy so I take it only when the pain is unbearable. She also put me on prednisone and said that she has seen it reduce the swelling in the nerves and assist with the pain.

She also referred me to a neurologist and I have my appointment next month. I am wondering what I can expect from this visit? How does the neuro go about diagnosing this disease? What tests need to be done and what is the usual course of action? I have 2 very young children and am hesistant to have any type of invasive surgery. The pain can be downright awful some days and other days it can be managable.

In the beginning, I didn't understand so much what triggered it but I've learned that I have to brush my teeth really slow, I can only eat soft foods that require little to no chewing (soup , mashed potatoes, and ICE CREAM), I have to be really careful when brusing my hair and applying my make-up. Sometimes when my kids hug me, if they hug too tight, my face gets numb and I end up with more shocks in my jaw.

Any advice or wisdom would be greatly appreciated! I am so sorry you are all dealing with this!

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