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Re: brain cancer & temodar

hello. i had (have?) GBM IV and i took temodar for almost a year. at the end the dose was very high (440mg per day 5x a month). i was utimately taken off temodar after my second reoccurance. now i am on 3 very harsh IV chemos.

oh, to be back in the temodar days. it was no walk in the park; but by comparison much easier than than the horrid mix i am on today. temodar starts strong in the beginning of the week, say an 8 on a scale of 1 - 10. day 2 it drops down to like a 3 or 4. by day 5 it may be back up to a just bearable 7ish. just watch what you eat and take the nausia meds your doc gives you and it shouldn't be too bad.