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Newbie Here/Have to Lose for Health Reasons


I started a weight loss progam of my own ... eating less around one month ago. My starting weight was 124, mornng, no food, etc. At first I was losing rapidly ... like I was down to 121 lbs. I could not believe it. I was looking thinner and fitting into my clothes better.

Well now I am back up to 123 and I have not changed the way I eat. And, Im back to being more fatty. So why? What did I do wrong

I am very petite. 5'0" tall and very small bone structure. Recently dx'd with very high risk Pre-Diabetes ... I am on the borderline ... so I have GOT to lose this weight. They suggested a weight of 115 for starters, watching what I eat (low carbs & sugar) and, ugh!,
exercise. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.


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