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Re: Someone help me please

That's what I said. But i can still tell that blood is in my urine.

Also that the doctor said it could be a small tumor or the kidney stones.

I was only diagnosed with hematuria.

I just personally don't think it was kidney stones.

Like I say a month later now and my urine is still as dark as day.

And when I go to that bathroom I can tell something isn't right and hasn't been for at least 6 or more months now.

Iv also been smoking for 7 years now. Heavy.

And on top of it I think I'm having weight problems for like 6 months now I can't gain weight I'm 6'1 tall and weigh 127 pounds. I weighed more before that like 145-150
Ill find out soon enough If i turn out ok I won't bail on you guys ill stick around and support you guys also.

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