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Re: DX in Michigan

My first advice is to avoid the DaVinci Robot for prostate surgery. I recently read an article that it takes on average 1600 prostate operations to become competent on the DaVinci Robot for prostate surgery. Many surgeons have quit doing the robotic procedure on account of the complication rate. I have met several people who had the robotic prostate surgery and all suffered from impotence and incontinence so I believe the outcome is even more dependent on the surgeon than with other surgeries.
I had a failed open RP and then Proton Beam Salvage Loma Linda.
Check out:
Proton Beam Therapy - higher or as high a cure rate basically without side effects such as impotence, incontinence, or bowel problems.
Brachytherapy at a recognized center of excellence.
Conformal Beam Radiation or IMRT at recognized centers of excellence.
Radical Prostatectomy at a recognized center of excellence.
Avoid surgeons who do the surgery once a month or once a week as you need someone who does this everyday. Go to the best hospital you can and don't accept lesser quality because it is nearby.
Check and compare all success and complications data wherever you decide to be treated and there are some heart-rending stories of complications on this board so be aware. My preference is to get treated as early as possible and get it over and done with as that is your best chance of a cure but there are fans of watchful waiting and active surveillance which I am not comfortable with. Not everyone with prostate cancer will die of it and I think some of these "non treatment" options have something to do with cutting health costs but that's your choice.
Best of luck,

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