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Bilateral Chevron Osteotomy NERVOUS

Hi all, Im a 25 year old active female, I really enjoy running, I try and run everyday for about 40mins but its getting the the point im struggling to run even 5mins with terrible foot pain in both feet. So I scheduled a Bilateral Chevron Osteotomy and im really nervous!! My appointment is September 27 and I will be spending the night in hospital. One of my main fears is not being able to run again! What can I expect? any tips on making it through the recovery period will be a great help to me! I will have my boyfriend who I live with taking care of me for the first week or so but he will have to go back to work after the first week, will I be able to cope solo after that? I have 5 weeks off work. ANY ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD THE SAME OPERATION WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

thanks! Courtney

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