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Re: Undiagnosed auto-immune

Thanks for your reply! They have checked for diabetes and my thyroid, I was on metformin which is a diabetes medication but is also used for poly cystic ovaries but, the metformin makes me feel weird and I found out from my immunologist that I went to on monday, that she feels I was mis-diagnosed with pcos. That would explain the bad reaction with the metformin. I just had a ton of blood work done yesterday (14 viles of blood to be exact) and just did a urinalysis and stool testing so, I'm hoping something comes up with that. If not, my immunologist recommended a hematologist to go to. The reason I think it might be lupus is because I have so many symptoms of it including the rash and light sensitivity. I'm also aware that lupus many of the times takes years to diagnose because it will go from showing on a blood test once to not at all the second time. It depends on when they get lucky catching it. Idk hopefully I get answers soon.