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Re: DX in Michigan

Thanks very much for the encouragement. It means a lot when you are feeling the anxiety. So far, this on-line support group has given me the most hope.

I know that my parents generation would hardly speak of cancer. To hear it from a doctor, meant a death sentence. It is still not a good thing to hear, but today there are many options that our parents never had.

I am getting the bone scan and chest x-ray tomorrow evening.

I am still researching but I get tired of so much reading, and all of the risks for each type of therapy. It seems almost like a crap shoot.

Don't we all want the same basic results?
Get all the cancer removed
Little or no side effects from the treatment
Make sure that the PC will not be coming back

I am trying to get my thoughts in order about how to proceed.
I hope things will become clearer when my uro finally has 'THE TALK' with me.
I cannot wait.

At this point, I am thinking that I want some form of treatment, I just have no clue about what type of treatment to get or what treatment would be the best choice.

I looked at US News & World Report (Health Section) to get hospital and doctor ratings.
The best hospitals for PC that I could figure in michigan and nearby are:

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor or the St Josheph hospital nearby
Cleveland Clinic in Ohio
Mayo Clinic in Minn.

Next item would be to find a doctor to do the job

Then get the scheduling done, the pocedure completed and the healing begun.

I do have one question at the moment. If I do go out of state have a procedure, then go back home, and a problem comes up with a cath, infection or something else, will they want me to go back to the out-of state hospital to get the issue resolved or should I expect the local uro to take care of any 'fallout' ?

Best wishes to all,

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