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Post If I try use my memory, the room spins my forehead burns & prickles & my brain

I have to use my memory at work... who doesnt... I just started a new Job.

When my boss explains what she wants done after 2/3 details I have funny

sensations in my fore head like Burning and Prickling which I can handle... But

when she gets detailed and gives me more and more things to remember to

keep me busy, with each thing she adds it gets harder to see her as I cant fix my eyes on her, my fore head burns and prickles on fire, I get dizzy and sometimes it feels like I my feet will dissapear under me or I will fall head first to one side. (I wonder what she thinks is going on?) Its a little scary sometimes.

Also sometimes my brain feels like there are waves and wobbles and strange sensations passing through it.

The burning and Prickiling is in one spot one inch above my right eye (and seems to grow) and above my left eye all over and sometimes in the top of

my head... afterwards as I try to keep in mind what I have to do it can

continue and also happen on the side of my right eye and temple and the dizzyness can last a while, and sometimes comes and goes all day when I try to remember things. It gets a little hard to focus and think sometimes, sometimes I lose track of what Im saying in the middle of talking to people which appears a little mental sometimes, and my vocabulary has gone to pot over the last 6 years.

P.S. Oh and Ive been fired from 22 jobs within a 6 year period, I cant seem to hold a job down, and my memory has alot to do with it. I need help.

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