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Re: If I try use my memory, the room spins my forehead burns & prickles & my brain...

BTW, Im only 27, so its not age catching up on me this started when I was 20. One day just a few weeks ago I completely snaped and for a couple of seconds I didnt know where I was, why, what week it was, what day... I knew who I was I deffinately knew that. It only lasted a second, and when it passed I had the symptoms mentioned above and I tried to carry on as normal and mannaged to remember what I had to do next. I can sense when it is likely to occur but I have to carry on, focus and use my brain to do my job so I kinda push on and hope it doesnt happen. I havnt been put under the same pressure since, but I know I will eventually and if it happens when my boss is talking to me, I might stagger under the dizzyness, rub my forehead, not know what she was saying or maybe even whats going on and she would think I'd lost my mind or something. :.(

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