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Re: Grieving for Mom

Thank you. I know that I do need to move past the guilt, it is just hard. My mother always told me that I have a big heart and that I care for people too much at times. I tend to absorb emotions from those around me, especially the "bad" ones.

The problem with telling my PCP about any suicidal thoughts is the fact that something like that can get you a mandatory 72 hour lockdown in a psychiatric facility or hospital. I was a psych major in school, so I am pretty familiar with procedures. And I don't feel like I need drastic measures such as that. I just cannot understand why they would take me off my medication, suddenly, just when my mother passed away. I've been on it for years. Now was the worst time to remove me from my medication. If I were wanting to start medication now, that would be one thing. But up until the day of my mother's funeral, I took anti-depressants every day for the last ten years (more or less). Just didn't seem like an intelligent decision on the part of my PCP.