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Re: DX in Michigan

Originally Posted by Tom52 View Post
Thanks very much for the encouragement. It means a lot when you are feeling the anxiety. So far, this on-line support group has given me the most hope.


I am still researching but I get tired of so much reading, and all of the risks for each type of therapy. It seems almost like a crap shoot.


Best wishes to all,
Tom (52)

I believe you are in the good truck. Researching and acquiring knowledge about the disease, its treatment and pitfalls.
Your comment;
“…. Don't we all want the same basic results?
Get all the cancer removed
Little or no side effects from the treatment
Make sure that the PC will not be coming back

It is right, unfortunately, many find their PCa in an advanced status when looking for the same outcomes. Earlier status similar to your case has the highest probability of success.
Treatments for early or late cases involve the same principle in “getting free from the cancer” and they are only recommended if success can be expected. However, “Debulking” which used to be routine in the ‘90th is now seen as a wrong choice because risks from treatment outweigh benefits.

Practically all treatments do well in earlier low risk cases. I would recommend you to investigate about their “modalities” (3 types of surgery and 7 types of radiotherapies).

In your case quantifying the risks and the side effects from treatments may be the best way to get into a decision. Surely, after treatment care, financial matters and daily duties (job) and family, are all elements to include in the decision process.
A balanced choice between those items may give you the answer.

Treatment usually includes the period of care after been discharged. Its extent, however is ambiguous and you should inquire about the items and responsibilities included in the “agreement” you will sign with the hospital and doctor. You can always get your local health care giver to be included in the deal.

Wishing you peace of mind.


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