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Re: 4 days of spotting and this is not normal!!

Hi There,
i would suggest getting a blood test done, bc your hpt may be expired or you may have purchsed a bad bunch, but it sounds like implantation bleeding to me: Implantation bleeding is just one of several typical pregnancy symptoms and it usually happens around 6-12 days after ovulation and fertilization, within 1-2 days after arrival of the blastocyst in the uterus, usually around 9 days after ovulation (dpo), with a range of 6-12 days. At the time of implantation bleeding, the blastocyst is barely visible to the naked eye, probably smaller than the dot above the letter "i". Once implantation happens the blastocyst becomes the embryo.
The blood pregnancy test usually becomes positive within 3-4 days after implantation, and the urine pregnancy test usually becomes positive 4-5 days after implantation.