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Unhappy My shoulder pain kills.

I'm 15 and I've never really had shoulder pain before, besides just being sore... but that just lasts a little while. I'm a cheerleader and we have had stunting camp today and yesterday. Yesterday's camp was from 8AM-1PM and all we did was stunt. I am a base (the one who holds the girl in the air) and the girl who was in the air had never done it before. She definitely pushed on my shoulders ALOT and applied alot of pressure/weight to my shoulder. It was alot of lifting her up, sometimes above my head. Yesterday after camp, it hurt a little but nothing completely unbearable. But today my shoulder started hurting reallyyyy bad! When we went back for camp, we started stunting again and everytime touched my shoulder.. it was the worse pain I've ever felt. But as the day went on, it hurt worse and worse. It's not bruised, I feel a bump in it but it's nothing really big. It just hurts soooooooo bad! I have iced it alot today and even the slightest bit of pressure or the slightest bit of motion hurts. It feels like its torn or something but I don't know it cheer could've caused that. What could it be???

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