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Re: Do you think in words or pictures?

I think in a complete mix-up.....

I kind of multi task, so I have several channels running in my head at once, so if I am dealing with 3 or 4 issues at once, they are all being thought about at the same time.... I kind of 'jump channels' to drop into whichever channel I needs, or if I make no choice, I kind of drift between channels.....

When I am in a particular channel, I think in pictures, but give a verbal running commentary in words.... Problem is, if I do not concentrate, I speak the words leading to strange looks in the street. Imagine seeing some chap walking down the street with a vacant look in his eyes mumbling about some engineering problem and measurements, or talking through an electronics problem with himself? Anyhow, to answer the question, I think in pictures, but with a sound track in words running alongside

Odd thing, is even when I do not think about a particular subject for a while, then drop into the channel, I regularly find that significant progress has been made subconsciously.... Now if I could just get my subconscious self to get out of bed and down to the factory each morning