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New Hypothroid and dont understand results

Dear Board Members

Just recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism but cant make heads or tails of whats happening with the blood work results.

Here is a rundown of my results

TSH values range (.30-5.6umol/L)

Nov 5th/10 - TEST 1

7.41 TSH Doc said it was fine no thyroxine

Feb 17th/11 - TEST 2

8.56 TSH Doc said it was fine no thyroxine

Mar 22nd/11 - TEST 3

5.33 TSH Doc said it was fine no thyroxine + anti-thyroid antibodies negative

July 2nd/11 - TEST 4

18.9 TSH - New Doc said this is NOT FINE
Free t4 11 range (12-22pmol/L)
Free t3 5.5 range (2.6-5.7pmol/L)

Sent me for ultrasound - multinodular goiter (barely visible on one side)

Started me on synthroid 75mcg - took it first two days almost sent myself to the ER for the heart palpatations and twitching etc

Cut back to 18.75mcg which is 1/4 of the tablet. no problems first week. Upped to 25mcg second week - no problems, third week upped to 31.25mcg now feel worse then ever

August 8th - TEST 5

7.8 TSH - New Doc said this is better + anti-thyroid antibodies negative
Free t4 9.6 range (12-22pmol/L)
Free t3 4.3 range (2.6-5.7pmol/L)

Doc is stumped, not sure why TSH gone down which is good but so has free t4 and free t3. makes no sense. All the while my hypo is causing me to have hyper symptoms and hypo symptoms

I have insomnia (actually started when i first took synthroid), constipation, facial weakness on left side, stumble when i try and talk sometimes or brain fogginess, cant concentrate, fatigue but not as bad as when i wasnt on synthroid (slept 16 hrs per day then) brittle hair, feel hot now mostly when before i wasnt cold even though i was hypo, lost a bit of weight, decreased libido and crazy depression, i also have fast heart rate sometimes for no reason, and nervousness and anxiety. As you can see i have both hyper and hypo symptoms

My doc has referred me to an endo but it will be bloody nov before i can see them, in the mean time he has advised me that i should cut back from 31.25mcg (current dosage) to just 12.5mcg, thinks that may be enough to sputter the thyroid back to life, he seems to think that the conversion from t4 to t3 is ok. I must admit that my symptoms have gotten worse on the 31.25mcg but also dint notice myself getting better on the 18.75mcg (my starting dose)

I have no clue what this means he said probably dont have hashimotos since the antibodies are negative. He said he wants to monitor me very closely (this doctor rocks - he actually sits with me for 45 mins - a new record i think LOL) and has recommended blood tests every two weeks until the ENDO can see me. This time around (so in two weeks) he has also put the test for TSH, free t3 free t4 ESR CRP for inflammation and AM cortisol for adrenals. He really cares and listens and says at this point he wants my symptoms to subside not the bloody numbers (I am in shock - who would have thunk it - a doc who cares how you feel and not what the stupid test numbers are).

Anyone have any idea whats going on, could be im just hypersensitive to meds, i also have gout and the minimum dose here in canada is 80mg and i take the tablet and cut it into 1/3 rds which i do and my gout is under control, so it may be just that but i just dont know.

PLEASE HELP - tearing my hair out trying to figure out whats happening here!!!!

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