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Losing Benefits

I got a letter in the mail this afternoon regarding my sons benefit he recieves off my record. He will be 18 on Wednesday. I thought I covered this and sent in the right information so that he would be able to continue benefits. He is disabled and in school. In May Social Security sent out a letter to be filled out by me and his teacher. He was able to attend the grauation Ceremony because he attended the High School while being in a Special Day class that is separate from the High School through the County. He did not graduate just attended the ceremoney.
I receved a letter about his next program he will go to , and it is a class for 18-22 year olds who are disabled. I gave the information to social security. I still recieved a letter stating that his benefits are over. I called the 1-800 number shortly after getting the letter, and the woman did not help.
I thought my son would continue recieving benefits off my record because he is still in school full time and disabled. BUT NO. I do not know what other evidence social security needs. So my family is losing close to $600.00 a month.
I am planning on going to the social security office tommorow , but unsure if anything will change. I am upset . I had applied for my son's SSI in April because he can get it on his own. That has not gone through yet, and he has a CE appointment this month. I was hoping he could have his benefits and their was not going to be any overlap, From one program to the other.
Now I do not know how i am going to make it next month. It took 8days too many to get this letter. I think social security shouild have mailed this sooner.

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