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i am in need of help and support!

hi my name is alex and im 5'11 285 and i dont know how my weight got so out of control or how i gained it which seemd like in a blink of an eye! i do feel bad about myself and i know i need to loose weight but my mom constantly tells me i need to drop a few pounds and i dont like to hear it, i understand i am overweight and need to do something but i feel like i dont need it to be pointed out all the time..i have the greatest GF of all time she loves me reguardless of what i look like, since we started dating since ive become fat, i used to be 160 freshman year and was so active but now i look at myself and just wonder what the heck happend to myself. i honestly dont understand where all this weight came from and it seemd to come on in a blink of an eye. i want to loose weight but i always fall to my hunger urges, it seems like i cant stop myself from getting in my car and getting jack in the box or god knows what. i honestly believe id save a ton of money if i started eating healthier. i dont wanna be like this anymore but i feel like i will always fall to my hunger urges. any tips or tricks to fight these? anyone experiance the same problem?

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