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Re: Woozy and lost...

Originally Posted by Krazy1 View Post
On July 18th I collapsed at work. Went to ER and they kept me for observation of my heart. Well, after going home and them back 2 more times, they determined my heart is in great working order.
Then they decided it must be an inner ear issue so off i go for a vestibular battery exam and an MRI on my head. Everything with that checks out.
Then I went to see a Neurologist and they ran a more extensive panel of blood work. My MPV, BUN, Glucose and Alkaline Phosphatase were low as sated in the letter they mailed me. Nice.
They're lovely letter says that according to these readings, I may be at risk for kidney disease.
They still want to do a tilt-table test just to rule out other stuff too.
I am so tired of feeling like crap!! Any advice????
Hi! Yeah, that is horrible to experience. Plus all those medical tests are
probably no fun too.
I just wrote a small personal tale of my horrid experiences with VERTIGO on a new thread. Maybe a moderator will post it soon. You may wish to read my
few words of input on the subject.
For some folks there is a definite connection with what we eat and the
Candida Albicanis (yeast spores) leaving the gut and becoming systemic
in one's body. One of the many symptoms of Candida over-growth is
Not too many regular MD's recognize this ailment. Wholistic MD's do, and
also Naturopathic physician's.
Perhaps you might even locate Candida Rx sites on the web and read about
this, and the simple treatments that can be very successful (if one does
have systemic Candida Albicanis that is).
Wishing you success on your good-health journey.

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