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Re: Losing Benefits

Originally Posted by SpineAZ View Post
If he is listed as "graduated" by the school that's why benefits would end. Now he has to begin to get benefits on his own record. If the program he's going to is a 100% continuation of HS and he has not finished that program then SS needs to be alerted and you need a record from the school. However, if he is transitioning to a program that is not associated with the HS (even if it occurs on the HS campus) then it's time to meet with SS to establish him as disabled on his own record.
He never "graduated" like a regular high school student. All he got to do was walk like the regular kids. The program he was in is for severly handicapped students through a specialized school in the county. They are called satalite classrooms. He is going into a program for ages 18-22 for handicapped students. He can go to school until age 22 , that is California law. What really is disturbing is that he has been on SSI for years, right up until four years ago when social security awarded me benefits and placed him on my record. I am thinking it is not hard for S. S to see that. Technically the new program he is going to is not a continuation of high school. Ironically it is the same School though, and is on their campus. I am just really angry and frustrated with social security. I was hoping that he would continue recieving benefits until it switched over onto his own SSI. When i called the 1-800 number the rep could see that it was in the process of being switched over. Yet their was nothing she could do. Now I am going there tommorow and see if their is anything that can be done or need from the county to keep his benefits. I am not trying to get away with anything just trying to keep what he deserves. Otherwise social security is cutting off a disabled young man that is in school full time. There has to be something that I could do to make this right again.